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The ideal model for small-scale winemaking

NuBarrel 9hl: Much more economical to use

Oak barrels will last a few years. Concrete NuBarrels will last a few decades... The arithmetic is compelling: One concrete NuBarrel™ holds as much wine as four oak barrels. It will cost a little more initially, but it will still be producing wine long after oak barrels.

Concrete NuBarrels™ also require less labor to manage and clean, and they take less space!

Requires much less floor space

Concrete NuBarrels ™ Require a Third Less of Your Precious Warehouse Floor Space: NuBarrels™ stack and bolt together in pairs, resulting in increased efficiency which can give you a third more yield per square-foot of warehouse space.

This configuration has passed rigorous shake testing at the UC Berkeley Seismological Testing Center.

The engineered framework can result in even greater efficiency and higher yield.

Easier to use

One NuBarrel™ holds as much wine as four oak barrels, but cleaning one concrete NuBarrel™ is much easier than cleaning four oak barrels. Less Hassle, Less Labor, Less Water...

Concrete NuBarrels™ usually only have to be topped once, and that can be done without moving the tank. The same is true for cleaning, filling and draining: all can be done in place. The process also requires less water.

Enhances the mouthfeel

Winemakers worldwide have rediscovered the superior quality of wine made in concrete.

Concrete breathes like oak, giving the wine delicious complexity and enhanced mouthfeel with a hint of crisp minerality, and no added flavors to mask the fruit. This brings the pure fruit flavor forward, allowing the wine to showcase its true terroir and taste more like where it is from.

Complete control of oak flavor

Optionally, we offer two tools that allow you to add a wooden flavor to the wine, in case the winemaker considers it necessary. One option is the Additive Sleeve for oak alternatives, and another is the Oak Stave Holder.

Guaranteed not to crack or leak

Our concrete wine tanks are not only aesthetically attractive, but even our concrete is different. We employ a unique system of concrete layers that makes our tanks far superior in strength and durability.

This enables us to back all of our concrete wine tanks with a ten-year guarantee against structural cracks and leaking.


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