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Permanent movement

Egg 18 hl

Its design makes it the perfect tank for both fermentation and ageing. Its shape provides advantages in the winemaking of reds, keeping the cap submerged. This characteristic results in intense macerations obtaining the maximum aroma and colour of the grape.

Thanks to the absence of edges in the concrete tank, the wine can circulate freely, keeping the lees in suspension, thus preventing oxidation. Its ovoid shape provides a greater contact surface of the wine with its lees, reducing bâtonnage operations and saving time and work in the cellar.

Unique Double Layer System + Temperature Control System (Glycol)

We use a unique double layer system which provides them with greater strength and durability. That is why we offer a ten-year guarantee against cracks and leaks in all our concrete tanks.

Their temperature control system (Glycol) is fully integrated into the tank walls, without coming into contact with the wine, thus avoiding deposits of tartrates, colouring matter or yeasts. This system also facilitates cleaning and stirring operations, which represents a great improvement with respect to the coils and cooling plates. 


We take care of every detail: in their manufacture no chlorinated water or chemical additives that can affect the product are used. In addition, the colour chosen is not applied superficially as a paint, but as an aggregate in the mixture. In this way we ensure homogeneity and uniformity in each product and avoid aesthetic damage due to deterioration. Harvest after harvest, your concrete tank will look the same as on the first day! 


Free movement of the lees preventing oxidation.

Greater contact with the lees and savings in bâtonnage.

Intense maceration.


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