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Toscana modular fence

Who didn’t like playing with blocks?

Our Toscana Modular Fence will bring you very fun memories. Our two pieces made of prefabricated concrete, the TPLA-75 and TCOR-75, allow multiple combinations that gives a greater game of sun and shade, while adding texture to your fence. The modular characteristic of the Toscana allows our clients to personalize their design by model, angle and color. Its versatility allows you to align the pieces in the same direction or to oppose them, to combine colors by zones or even to combine models. With our prefabricated concrete fence the possibilities are endless! Its range integrates perfectly with the landscape or decoration of your home, from the most classic to the most modern. All this while preventing the view from the outside, maintaining privacy. Its TPLA and TCOR panels allow an infinite number of possibilities to personalize and make your fence unique. The details of the curvature of our TCOR-75 and the slenderness of the TPLA-75 are able to complement any style. The perfect finish and aesthetics of the Toscana Modular Fence gives a great versatility to create varied shapes. Its good finish, on both sides of the product, allows it to be installed as required. The new Multi-Angle Column for walling has an ideal design that adapts to different angles. It can be installed from the ground or on top of any existing wall. The COL-22 allows the construction of straight fences and at different angles, allowing no land, no matter how complex, to be left without a fence. It can also be combined with our well-known Sasteak fence construction system, offering versatility as well as privacy.

Installation: If you need to install a prefabricated concrete fence in your garden, the Toscana Modular Fence is a great option since it is easy to install. Its assembly requires less concrete, and the steel in its foundation is smaller than in traditional masonry, thus increasing its ease of installation and reducing the cost of labor. It is a system that offers a clean and modern look, resistant to temperatures and inclement weather. The Toscana Modular Fence will save you time and effort, while enjoying a product of great quality and durability.


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