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One of the most used SAS products in rehabilitation works is the baluster. Our wide range of models and their complements are used for balconies and terraces, where clients seek products of the utmost quality and durability. The concrete baluster will guarantee solidity and safety, but also durability and resistance against the effects of time. No one wants to have to change a façade every few years! If you want to create a luxurious and elegant environment for your outdoor space using premium materials, take a look at our models! The concrete balusters perfectly imitate natural stone, and are available in a wide range of shapes, designs and sizes to suit all needs and tastes. From the most classic to the most original, and from the most minimalist to the most decorative, our great variety will be perfect for your stairs, terraces and balconies.  

Like the rest of our products, quick installation guarantees immediate results in record time. No more waiting, no delays in your projects due to endless coordination of materials. See how easy it is to put a balustrade together in our installation video!

Be it for its aesthetics (diversity of models), ease of installation, its incomparable price-quality ratio, or for its technical design efficiency (calibration, doesn’t require internal reinforcement, and its great reaction to temperature changes), Our balusters are an optimal solution for any restoration and rehabilitation job. It is not surprising that they are used for urban projects in large cities such as Barcelona, ​​Madrid or Paris, and that they are also sold around the world in countries like Russia, Poland, Austria or Canada. Its elegant and solid appearance will allow you to use it both to decorate and to limit spaces.

Let the weight of elegance invade your project. Your balcony, pool or garden will have never looked so good!

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