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The final touches of a construction project are always significant, whether it's the placing of trails in your garden, or defining your home enclosure, it's on details like these where SAS wants to offer quality products that withstand the test of time. We all know that walls are the first exterior image of your home. The enclosure contributes to safety and protection, and with our concrete wall coping you can equip them with the style needed. If you are not sure which model you are looking for, in SAS we have 277 options for you to choose from!

The first step in deciding which is the best model for your project is to choose between our two finish typologies: stone type – the dry-cast - or the smooth finish - the wet-cast, with its more modern aesthetic. The dry-cast line shines for its rougher appearance, looking robust and compact. While the wet-cast pieces are easily recognizable for their smooth surface appearance and rounded edges, with which they provide continuity and complement the aesthetics of your wall.

We manufacture our wall coping in a wide range of models, sections, sizes and colours, all with an unbeatable price to quality ratio. Thanks to its design, it not only works as final finish, but also as a good base for the installation of screenwalls, balusters, planters and fencing (concrete, wood or metal). Both our dry-cast and wet-cast wall copings guarantee the final touch your home or building deserves, and with 277 different products to choose from you will surely find one that perfectly fits your style!


The Wall Coping Slabs have a flat surface that can be used as a base or undercoping for screen walling, balustrading, window boxes or any other decorative wa

Cubremuros Media Caña

Within the family of Wall Copings, Roundish Wall Copings provide a unique appearance through their rounded profile, which is both classic and traditional.


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