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SAS produces Panot Gaudí in accordance with the original design Antoni Gaudí made in 1904. 

Draining pavement that helps to prevent excess water building up on pool surrounds, gardens, terraces, patios or flat roofs.


The Domus Pavement, with a natural, rough-hewn stone texture, allow custom designs to be made, playing with the composition of the different dimensions of it

An ideal accessory to let away the excess water from around the swimming pool.


Garonne Slabs are a practical and decorative solution and provide the pavements with a simple look, slightly "bubbly".


Exterior floorboard available in two colours, versatile, durable, practical, and with many opportunities for installing, alone, or combined among them.


Mixed 5 dimensions of DOMUS Slabs. Pack content of 12,15 m² aproximately.

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