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Renovating a garden includes not only thinking about the plants that are needed but much more! For example, it is necessary to consider the mixture of vegetable and non-vegetable areas, sectioning with gravel, possible decorations, planters to highlight areas, lighting, etc. In this process, the biggest challenge is to reconcile the garden style with the rest of the house and terrace. A key element for achieving this harmony are the kerbs. Curbs are meaningful for giving any garden a new look, and since they are easy to install, they make a great weekend project that requires minimal effort!

All in Kerbs

This kerb has a very minimalist style, and its tonality, in Limestone, is ideal for both warm and cool environments.

By placing a piece next to another you could have a very decorative garden kerb. It can also be used to build the angle at any garden kerb.


A kerb that looks like small tree trunks to section off small flowerbeds and parterres.


And if you are looking for a more textured accessory, your best option is the Serena kerb.

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