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The concrete pillars are pieces of easy assembly since they have tongue and groove joints facilitating quick placement. This will allow you to start your project without the need for specialized labour. The SAS pillars have been designed to be fitted one on top of the other, assembling optimally when the piece is stacked facing up. It's putting one piece on top of another, a bit of concrete and that's it!

Its height of 17.1 cm optimizes time and effort and allows you to reach the desired height with a few pieces. In addition, they can be combined with our blocks and / or screenwalls, making your fence an integral piece, where the most difficult thing will be picking one style! Do you want to see how easy it is to build our pillars and concrete blocks? Watch this!

Our diversity of styles and colours will help you find a model that combines well with your personal style and that gives you the unique touch you are looking for your home. Investing in a high-quality product will save you time and labour. Do you need more information about concrete enclosures? With our installation rules for the placement of SAS pillars, you can resolve any doubts you may have about correct assembly and placement, in conjunction with our concrete blocks.

All in Pillars

The Rough-Hewn Pillars and Blocks bestow an unusual and elegant finish like that of real stone to all walling where a special texture is required.

This product is a quick and easy laying to construct walls with a perfect well-finished.


With avant-garde design and finish, inspired by marble, ideal for contemporary projects.


With a textured surface and easy assembly, it fits perfectly with all of our Dordogne range in both traditional and modern settings.


The Capitals offer a more decorative design to finish off our 30 x 30 cm Smooth and Rough-Hewn Pillars, as well as masonry pillars up to 34 x 34 cm.

The Capitals offer a more decorative design to finish off our 30 x 30 cm and 40 x 40 cm. Smooth and Rough-Hewn Pillars, as well as masonry pillars.

Pillar caps with diamond-shaped tips, a smooth appearance and uniform thickness throughout the piece. They have throating.

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