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The tradition of stone turned into a trend

SAS Prefabricados de hormigón S.A. is a family business founded by Joan Sas i Gregori, great-great-grandfather of the current manager, in 1900 in Vilanova i la Geltrú (Barcelona). It was initially specialised in artificial stone and hydraulic tiles, but since the 50s it has focused on products known as “decorative and ornamental products” in prefabricated concrete.


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Round cross-section adapts to all types of flue and can fit shafts of up to 31x 31 cm. They are manufactured without reinforcing bars.



Think modular! Utility, versatility, and economy of prefabricated elements

Modules and architecture, from fractals to prefabricated elements

The discipline of architecture is characterized by proportions, modules, and ratios, which, in most cases, are inspired by nature. Starting with the Vitruvian Man, to the Modulor by Le Corbusier, the intention was always to find relationships between human beings and their surroundings. One of the main objectives, especially during Modernism, was to project efficient spaces, in terms of both usability and economy.

What the editorial saw on the 2019 Sitevi show

Every day of SITEVI, the editors of Vitisphere are alert to find three novelties in viticulture, oenology or equipment. Here is the selection of day 2.

(Original publication in French)

Concrete prefabrication as opportunity (chapter 2)

From 200 to 1000 revolutions: when numbers make the difference

Technological innovation and quality: the secrets of SAS - Prefabricados de Hormigón’s success

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